Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Craft Night

Winter Craft Night on December 9, 2010 was a success! Kids came with their family and friends to the winter craft night at Marshall HIgh School campus in the cafeteria. There were many booths to choose from. Families spend quality time together making candy cane reindeer and people express their creativity with gingerbread house making. There's also cookie decorating, rice krispie making for all to enjoy. The cookies and rice krispies were delicious! =] Let's not forget the caramel apple! ^__^
SMASH students each have a booth to watch over and help people if needed. They did a great job! :)
We served dinner for everyone who came and it all went well. We also had a photo booth for families and friends to take a picture with! We even had costumes they can wear and have fun with! Students drew and painted the background by hand.
SMASH members at the winter craft night!
Silly pic of SMASH members!
SMASH students dressing up for a picture! :D